Can a Person With Type 2 Diabetes Drink Coffee?

Can a person with type 2 diabetes drink coffee?

Can a Person With Type 2 Diabetes Drink Coffee?

Coffee has been said to have negative effects on your health. However, over time there has been evidence that it may protect the body from liver diseases, Parkinson’s disease, depression, certain kinds of cancer and diabetes.

Research has shown that increasing your coffee intake may tremendously lower your risk for developing diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes.

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What is diabetes?

Scientists and doctors define diabetes as a disease (or combination of diseases) that alters the way your body processes blood sugar (glucose).

Blood glucose is essential because it is the source of energy that fuels the brain, tissues and muscles. In the case of a diabetic, it means that they have too much blood sugar in circulation within their circulatory system. This causes serious unwanted health concerns.

There are several types of diabetes. The most common are type 1 and type 2. Gestational diabetes is another type. It occurs, though rarely, during pregnancy in women but goes away after delivery.

Another type is prediabetes; which implies that your blood sugar is higher than the normal though it cannot be termed as diabetes.

Diabetes has major signs and symptoms, though not all of them are uniquely related to diabetic cases. They include unexplained weight loss, increased thirst and fatigue. In case you experience any of these symptoms, it is always good to consult your doctor for diagnosis.

The benefits of coffee for diabetes differs from person to person. Research has found that people who drink more than seven cups of coffee per day lower the risk of developing the type 2 diabetes. It should be noted that caffeinated (but not decaffeinated) coffee works better against type 2 diabetes in women than men.

Coffee has many different chemicals. Some are beneficial while others have minimal benefits. Caffeine impairs insulin in the short run.

Repeated consumption of caffeine in huge amounts, over a one month period has proven to weaken insulin in the blood of people with type 2 diabetes.

The relationship between consumption of caffeine in high amounts and lower insulin sensitivity is a typical response mechanism by the body. This means that caffeine will have fatal effects on the people with diabetes type 2.

This topic has many aspects that must be considered. Caffeine has both positive and negative effects on the body. Consult your doctor about the potential benefits as well as the negative impacts of caffeine.

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