Diabetics Should Drink Whole Milk Instead of Skim Milk

Diabetics Should Drink Whole Milk Instead of Skim Milk

Skim Or Whole Milk, Which Is Better for Diabetics?

Diabetes is a disease where your body cannot deal with levels of sugar in your blood. Everything we eat has some amounts of sugar and that is why diabetics must have a strict diet. New studies have shown that diabetics could drink whole milk but in limited amounts.

People who are consuming regular full-fat products have less chances of developing diabetes because low-fat products are more dangerous for human metabolism.


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Fat is healthy

Studies have shown that there are healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Fat actually has more nutrients than low-fat products. For example, when you are eating healthy fat, you will be full afterwards.

This means that you are less likely to eat snacks, so your sugar will be at its normal level. That is really important because as a diabetic you must eat regularly but with caution and strict diet.

So, diabetics should drink whole milk instead of skim milk for breakfast, in order to keep their sugar level in balance.

Whole milk is natural and it doesn’t have any additional chemicals. Cow milk is good for people with diabetes but only two to three servings per a day. Skim milk has a lot of chemicals that kill all vital minerals such as vitamins D, A, E and K.

These vitamins are fat soluble, so milk without fat doesn’t have enough nutrients. In chemical processes, that include pasteurization, all important nutrients are killed and that is the main reason why skim milk is not healthy for anyone, especially for diabetics.

Nutrients in milk are making diabetics stronger. If we look at our ancestors, they didn’t have all these fat-free products, still they lived healthier than us. We have to ask ourselves, what are we eating that is causing all of these diseases?

Milk fats have all the vitamins we need in order to function. Most of the diabetics have a problem with their bones. That is why they need to drink a glass of milk on occasion.

However, skim milk has low levels of nutrients because of the chemical processes. In order to get high amounts of calcium, which is essential for bone structure, people who suffer from diabetes must drink a few glasses of milk on daily basis.

Milk proteins are essential and aside from the fact that they are rich nutritionally, studies now suggest that they may also help with obesity among other lifestyle conditions.

People who don’t drink milk have better chances of being obese, and that could be one of the main contributing factors to diabetes.

Those who drink whole milk, have 60% less chance of developing diabetes. Milk has one of the most protective effects on humans, and it could be beneficial for people who have the genetic possibility of developing diabetes

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