2 Diet Drinks Per Day Doubles The Risk Of Having Diabetes

Drinking 2 Diet Drinks Per Day Doubles the Risk for Diabetes

Drinking 2 Diet Drinks Per Day Doubles the Risk for Diabetes

Eating sugar does not cause diabetes as most people believe. Obesity is the leading cause of diabetes. In simple terms, I can say that diabetes is caused when our bodies are not able to control the balance between insulin and sugar in blood.

Our bodies work in a unique way. When there is a lot of sugar in the blood, the brain sends a message for the release of insulin to correct the sugar levels in the blood.

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On the other hand, a message is sent by the brain for the breaking down of fat into glucose when sugar levels go down. In case my body fails to regulate my sugar levels as stated above, I am said to be diabetic.

After diabetes sets in, I am supposed to control my sugar since my body cannot regulate the sugar levels on its own. This means that I should choose my food wisely to minimize insulin spikes.

Diet drinks are believed to be free from sugar and safe for diabetics. Most of these drinks have artificial sweeteners in them.The presence of artificial sweeteners leads to a spike in insulin levels.

They affect the sweet receptors in the stomach by behaving like the actual sugar. Good examples of artificial sweeteners are aspartame and saccharin. Although they may be present in a diet drink, it will still be labeled as ‘sugar free’.

Artificial sweeteners put pressure on the liver and kidneys by overworking them. The sweeteners increase glucose intolerance in obese individuals.

The drinks are full of unhealthy additives leading to long term weight gain and an increased risk of diabetes and other diseases. There is a risk of bone loss due to it’s nature of drawing calcium from bones.

Two diet drinks a day increases the risk of diabetes because of the presence of artificial sweeteners as earlier stated. They stimulate the appetite leading to an increased food intake that will promote obesity.

Two drinks a day will also affect the good microbes in the gut, leading to glucose intolerance. It may also lead to insulin sensitivity as well as increase the level of acid in the body. Our bodies are supposed to be slightly basic for us to be healthy.

We are what we eat. If we eat junk, junk we will be. I would suggest that we drink plenty of plain water instead of sweetened or diet drinks. Water is free from empty calories and will promote weight loss.

Drinks like milk and 100% fruit juice are highly encouragedas well as sparkling water. Hot drinks like unsweetened tea, coffee or hot cocoa are also good.

It is important to consume plenty of fruits and raw vegetables as they will lower the amount of acid in our bodies. When possible, eat food in their natural form.

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