Five Supplements for Diabetes

Five Supplements for Diabetes

Five Supplements for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects the ability to produce insulin, a hormone in the human body. This causes abnormal metabolism of starch and increased levels of glucose in urine in the human body.

The problem cannot be cured but measures can be put in place to manage and control the condition. As a result, several approaches and methods are used in the management and control of diabetes.

This includes the use of supplements which can be both artificial and natural.

The main idea is to select the best supplement that will have the correct minerals that are needed in the body while at the same time maintaining a good sugar level.

The supplements used should not make the person lose nutrients but should ensure that lost nutrients within the body are replaced in order to prevent deficiency.

Using the right supplements should ensure that the body is able to utilize insulin so as to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This can be achieved by taking a good quantity of both vitamins and minerals. Some of the 5 supplements for diabetes include:


Cinnamon has been used in various countries to help in diabetes management for a long time. Many studies on cinnamon have found out its efficiency and effectiveness in blood sugar control.

Studies that were done in 2011 prove that cinnamon as an extract assists in the reduction of glucose levels.


Thiamine is also called vitamin B-1. Most individuals who are diabetic have a deficiency in Vitamin B-1 and this has majorly contributed to most diabetic problems.

This has been associated with causing complications to the heart and linked to damage of blood vessels. Thiamine dissolve in liquids such as water.

A supplement called benfotiamine is found in thiamine and it easily penetrates the cell membranes to help in maintaining blood sugar levels.


Magnesium is a vital component in the body. It helps regulate insulin sensitivity and control blood pressure. Supplements of magnesium help improve insulin in controlling diabetes.


Chromium refers to a trace mineral that elevates the process of insulin and assists in the transportation of nutrients and glucose to body cells. It improves the effectiveness of insulin. The minerals in chromium help to improve glucose metabolism.


It is a natural herb suggested by herbalists for people suffering from diabetes. The herb helps reduce the cravings and appetites for people suffering from diabetes. It is also used in natural supplements as it helps in insulin production by repairing and recreating pancreas cells.

In general, the use of supplements does not provide cure against diabetes but helps in the control and management of diabetes. It is therefore, important to get access to these supplements to help yourself have control over diabetes and your health in general.

Moreover, it is great idea to look for medical advice on which supplements to use from your doctor to avoid abuse and any other complications that may result from misusing the supplements.

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