Four Natural Remedies That Help Diabetes

Four Natural Remedies That Help Diabetes

Four Natural Remedies That Help Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition that interferes with the sugar or glucose levels in our bodies. It can also be called Diabetes Mellitus. We have two types of Diabetes.

Type one, whereby insulin that is supposed to control the sugar level is not there at all. The other one is type two, a condition that means the insulin produced is not enough or doesn’t work as required.

While many diabetic patients might be going from one doctor to another in search for treatment, there are natural remedies that one can try and end up living happily ever after with this condition.

Below are four remedies which have been medically proven to help control sugar levels in Diabetic patients.

1. Mango leaves

Mango leaves can be used to assist in regulating insulin levels in the blood of affected patients. If properly used, they can also help improve the lipids of the blood in the body.

This means that the composition of the blood is structured in a way that favors insulin and how it operates in a diabetic patient. Mango leaves should always be administered in right quantities for them to work efficiently.

After getting the leaves from the mother tree, they are supposed to be soaked in a glass of water for the whole night. In the morning, the patient should take the water on an empty stomach.

The leaves can also be dried and grounded into powder. The powder is to be taken in a measure of one half of the normal teaspoon in the morning and evening.

2. Fenugreek seeds

Another herb that can be used to control diabetes, is the fenugreek seed. This one works so well in diabetic patients by improving their glucose tolerance.

It also lowers the blood sugar levels of it’s users. Due to it’s advantageous nature of containing high fiber, it also slows down the absorption of too many carbohydrates and sugars.

Preparation is not complicated at all. The seeds are supposed to be soaked in water overnight. Then in the morning, take the water together with the seeds.

The seeds may also be grounded into powder and taken with milk. The powdered one should be taken in a measurement of two teaspoonfuls twice a day.

Remember it has to be taken daily for a few months until the glucose levels go down.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is also a natural remedy that has been helpful to diabetic patients for a long time. It works by lowering the blood sugar levels by making the insulin activity very high. 

When taking cinnamon, it has to be mixed with water; one or two teaspoonfuls. In this case, it should not soak overnight before taking, only for thirty minutes. The patient is to drink it daily until an improvement is noticed.

Be careful though, if used in excess, cinnamon can cause damage to one’s liver.

4. Bitter lemon juice

Bitter lemon juice ensures there is no resistance against insulin. In a few minutes one can prepare it and take it as a homemade herbal.

First the lemon has to be cut into two, and remove the seeds. Use a juicer to create the lemon juice. It needs to be consumed immediately. Just like the other remedies it has to be taken for months until one sees improvement.

In addition to the above mentioned remedies, one is supposed to watch his or her health seriously. Exercises should be done almost daily. Drink lots of water, which is enough for your body.

Get enough time to rest and sleep. Visit the doctor regularly, monitor your weight and above all watch what you eat, because it might be playing a big role in that condition.