How Bananas Effect Diabetes And Blood Sugar Level

How Bananas Affect Diabetes and Blood Sugar Levels

How Bananas Affect Diabetes and Blood Sugar Levels

Living with diabetes is no easy task. Having to watch the food you eat, and exercise regularly can make your lifestyle much more demanding than everyone else’s.

That’s why it’s important to know what is okay to eat, and what is not okay, so you don’t make your sugar levels rise and cause problems for your health.

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Because your body is different in how it processes sugar, what can be healthy for people without diabetes, may not be healthy for you. It may have a different impact on your sugar levels. There are many foods that can do this. But one unlikely culprit is actually a fruit. That’s right. It’s a banana.

Bananas are delicious and naturally sweet. Their sweetness has a lot to do with their ripeness. If you’ve ever eaten a banana, then you know that the more ripe they are, the darker yellow they are, the sweeter they are.

They are sweet because they contain a lot of carbs, which raise blood sugar. Bananas are 93% carbohydrates, which is the culprit in adding sugar to the body and to the blood.

While this is okay in some cases, it’s also possible to eat too much and cause spikes in blood sugar levels, or constantly elevated blood sugar levels.

Neither of those are good things when you are a diabetic, and can actually be deadly. So, it’s important that diabetics take this into account when consuming foods high in carbohydrates, like bananas.

However, because bananas are also very fibrous, they digest much slower than other carbs, like candy. So the sugar is released into the blood over a longer amount of time and the blood sugar doesn’t just spike up, but rather increases and stays elevated for a while.

This may or may not be a good thing, depending on the type of diabetes that you have. But it’s important to note that bananas that are riper, contain less fiber, and more carbohydrates. So the sweeter it is, the greater impact it will have on your blood sugar levels.

For people that have type 2 diabetes, bananas are actually very beneficial. Because they take so long to digest and don’t just sharply increase your blood sugar levels, they are actually seen to make your body’s sensitivity to insulin decrease.

This lowers inflammation and pain associated with diabetes. For people with other types of diabetes, it may have a different effect on the body and the benefits of eating bananas.

Bananas make a great snack and they can have some really good health benefits. But for diabetics, eating is never just that simple. So before eating a banana, take into account how active you are, and how quick your metabolism works.

Also take into account how many carbs you’ve eaten, and how many more you plan to consume throughout the day. Also keep in mind how sensitive your body’s insulin is to raises in sugar levels, as well as how ripe the banana is.

Bananas are tasty, but your health is more important.

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