Diet Sodas Cause Weight Gain

How Diet Sodas Actually Cause Weight Gain

How Diet Sodas Actually Cause Weight Gain

Did you know that pregnant women who drink diet sodas are more likely to have children who are obese after one year from birth compared to women who took fewer diet sodas?

Studies have shown that this is very likely to be true in over three thousand women.

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A study that was conducted in 2015 found that individuals who drank diet soda a lot gained almost triple the abdominal fat in a period of nine years as compared to those who did not drink diet soda.

The study scrutinized data from 749 individuals of ages sixty-five and above. The survey involved asking these people various questions like, how many cans of diet sodas do they drink in a day, and how many of those beverages were regular or diet.

If you have read this keenly, it is almost clear that drinking diet sodas can cause weight gain, right? Well, those answers that were given during the survey resulted in the extreme prediction of abdominal fat gain.

This is even after researchers put in factors like smoking, diabetes, and physical level activities. People who did not drink diet sodas gained an estimate of 0.8 in around their waists during the study period; however, individuals who drank diet soda daily had a 3.2 in gain.

Right now you may be wondering how diet sodas actually cause weight gain. It is fair to say that there are various ways in which our bodies react to the things we eat and drink and below are a few ways that diet soda makes you gain weight.

1. Diet sodas trick you into thinking that you are healthy. When you choose zero calorie drinks, you tend to think that you are drinking healthy.

However, that is not the case since people who consume diet drinks are less healthy than any individual who does not drink diet soda as shown by various studies.

2. Drinking diet soda leads to the conviction that you are drinking a calorie-free beverage. That means you are making a decision to drink nothing when you have a choice of getting something from tea or smoothies, which are healthy drinks.

3. The drinks cause your body to store fat. From previous studies, individuals who drank diet sodas more often had an increase in waist size which could be six times greater than that of the non-diet drinkers.

Diet sodas consist of deceptively sweet artificial sweeteners, which are said to trick your body’s metabolism into thinking sugar is being introduced into the body. Then insulin levels spike and divert the body from a fat burning to a fat storing state.

4. Diet beverages train your taste buds to crave and love sweets. Taking sugary drinks even if it comes with zero calories may result in a high preference for sweetness in general.

That means you are more likely to pick peanut butter that has more sugar, bread that has more sugar or ice cream that has more sugar over anything else.

So you should try to make a drink that is rich in nutrition, but not sugar.

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