Monk Fruit to Fight Diabetes

Monk Fruit: A Unique Food that Fights Diabetes

Monk Fruit: A Unique Food that Fights Diabetes

If you didn’t know, processed sugar is bad for you. Not only that, it has negative health effects which cause obesity, heart disease, cavities and weight gain. If that’s not bad enough, sugar is a very addictive food.

Because of sugar being an empty calorie, there must be a nutritional alternative that can also give a good amount of sweetness, right? Well, that’s when excellent replacements come in to satisfy our sweet tooth.

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Many alternative sweeteners like monk fruit, provide the necessary nutrition without all of the bad sugar.

This Chinese fruit may actually become your new best friend if you have diabetes. That’s because monk fruit gives 100-250 times more natural sugar and the benefit is that it has zero effects on a diabetic’s blood sugar.

Monk fruit is used a lot throughout Asia for both medicinal purposes and a food and beverage sweetener. The first recorded instance of its use was in 1938 when it was used as a cooling agent for drinks. It helped to relieve and cure constipation, fever, inflammation and digestive issues.

Western countries have only known about monk fruit for a short period of time. But it is a good thing that more and more countries have come to recognize its benefits of consuming the fruit.

The FDA has approved monk fruit and it has been determined as a safe alternative following a thorough review by researchers.

Unlike most fruits that contain either fructose or glucose, monk fruit has a totally different make up of sugar. Regardless of containing natural sugars, they are not the same type of natural sugars that give it’s sweetness.

Monk fruit is said to contain mogrosides which are a type of antioxidant that is metabolized in a different way than other natural sugars. This is why they contain no calories and are able to battle diabetes by having no negative impact on blood sugar.

These mogrosides assist in anti-inflammation and could also help prevent cancer and the many adverse reactions of diabetes.

The main reason monk fruit is such a good source of sweetness is because of it having zero calories and carbohydrates which are metabolized into sugar. This type of sweetener would be very ideal for diabetics who are unable to control their blood sugar levels.

Diabetic mice that have been eating monk fruit in one study have shown an actual decrease in blood sugar levels instead of it spiking. Another study, conducted in 2013 concluded that “many mice who had diabetes during the study had shown a much lower blood sugar level after ingesting monk fruit.

So, as you can see, monk fruit has shown many health benefits as a natural sugar and sweetness. It can easily be a diabetic’s new best friend in a health sense type of way by fighting off and possibly reversing diabetes on a much larger scale.

Not too shabby finding out that there could be a cure for diabetes in the very near future.

So, if you are curious about the super benefits of monk fruit, you should be able to find it in it’s raw form in the sugar aisle of a grocery market. Just remember that raw monk fruit sweetener has an equal ratio of one cup for both it and white sugar.

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