10 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Ten Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Ten Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Patients may be dismayed by the diagnosis that they have received recently. They should know that it is possible to limit the effects of the disease. Consult a doctor for the best medical approach to dealing with the illness.

Many patients have improved their health significantly using a new diet. Dietary guidelines are offered as part of the doctor’s recommendations.


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Make sure to read packaging and get all information before setting up a meal plan. Caloric intake and sugar contents are also important information.

1. White bread

Traditionally, high fiber foods were recommended for diabetic patients. White bread is perfect, since it can be eaten at nearly every meal. Brand label white bread may contain higher amounts of fiber.

Be wary of consuming too many carbohydrates. Find white bread on the shelves in most stores. Look for whole grain bread, if possible, for meals.

2. Instant oatmeal

Oatmeal has always been a staple of any healthy diet. It is perfect for breakfast and could be topped with fresh fruit. Dieters are looking to cut back with steel cut oats.

These oats will feature a higher fiber count for those interested. Less sugar for breakfast will help people control their weight.

3. Sugary breakfast cereal

Cereals are popular for breakfast across the country. Breakfast cereal comes in a variety of types by different brands. But be wary of sugar content in each kind of cereal.

Diabetics will want to find high fiber cereal with limited sugar contents. That may help them control the symptoms of their illness.

4. Pasta

Diabetics may be looking for new meals for dinners. Pasta is an obvious choice. There are high fiber pasta packages to consider. Check the packaging for more information before buying.

5. Vegetables

Most vegetables are a perfect addition to any dinner. People will want to pair their veggies with a main dish. Broccoli and other greens will contain high fiber. Saute or microwave these veggies for a perfect finish.

6. Poultry

Consider adding meat to a diabetic meal plan. Poultry is perfect, since it is high in protein and low in fat. Chicken or turkey may be cooked in a number of ways. Pan frying or boiling the meat are traditional ways to prepare poultry.

7. Beef

Beef is a staple of the meat industry and makes for the perfect dinner time centerpiece. Consider different cuts of beef before cooking for dinner. Dice the beef into cubes or strips to make it easier to eat.

8. Sugar free desserts

Stores will now stock a variety of diabetic friendly foods. There are desserts with no sugar added to the ingredients. Check the label carefully to avoid buying the wrong dessert.

9. Soy products

Soy-based items are popular among shoppers these days. Consider tofu or soy milk to get started. These may be used as ingredients or consumed on their own. Soy-based ingredients are listed on the packaging.

10. Sugar free drinks

Energy drinks are very popular among young people. There are options on the shelf with no sugar. Check the stores or read blogs to learn more about sugar free drinks. These could be consumed during breaks or on the go.

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