Which Carb Diet Is Best For Diabetes

Which “Carb Diet” Is Best for Diabetes

Which “Carb Diet” Is Best for Diabetes

Popular in the UK, the Low Carb Diet has been recommended as a solid alternative diet for those with diabetes. This does not mean eating less overall, but the management of the carbohydrates in a diet allow people with diabetes to manage their insulin and weight loss a lot easier.

When carbs are digested by the body, they break down into sugars. The more carbs and sugars, the more insulin is needed to be created or injected. With the low carb diet, insulin injections and weight become much more manageable.

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This does not necessarily mean eating less overall, it just means eating foods that have less carbohydrates per piece, like fruits and veggies. Low carbs would be considered 130g or less, moderate would be ranged between 130g-225g and high would be 225g plus.

The lower the carbohydrate amount, the easier it is to manage the sugar intake. Replacing the carbohydrates lost with an increase in lean proteins like chicken and turkey will help to fuel the body, because all these groups give the body energy.

Low carb, moderate protein and lower fat levels help to manage weight loss and sugar intake while still allowing the person to have energy for the day, or daily activities.

Stir fries or other vegetable heavy meals help to decrease the amount of carbohydrates while matching them with solid protein amounts for a daily meal.

Decreasing processed sugars and grains will also help, as those are high in carbohydrates. Replacing two slices of bread with a tortilla wrap uses the same ingredients, but is a lower carb alternative.

Natural fats are also good to have, as they can help fuel the body. Examples such as fish, eggs, milk, and other high protein animal by-products allow the person to focus on increasing their natural protein and fat intakes, while lowering their carb intake.

Two eggs for breakfast and some fruit or veggies will allow the person’s metabolism to burn faster, and not create as many sugars. This will eventually lead to less insulin needed, as well as a loss of weight.

Using fitness apps to track different intakes during the day can help the user pay attention to what they eat more, and allows them to manage it a lot better. Much like in a fitness plan, it can allow the person to track their intakes and manage accordingly.

With these tips, the low carb diet works well to help people with both type one and type two diabetes manage their insulin and weight. It becomes less of a chore with routine and makes life much more manageable.

All diets and lifestyle changes should be cleared with a medical professional, to accommodate for every person’s unique case, but the low carb diet is one that is considered to be the best.

Proper introduction and slow changes should be made, but as long as there is not an overall decrease in food intake, the low carb diet has been seen to be wildly effective for weight loss and insulin management.

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